1,000 Books before Kindergarten

Did you know that children who are read to on a regular basis when they are very young are much more ready to be successful in school than their peers who are not read to? It is so important that parents and caregivers make reading a regular part of their daily routines since this activity not only promotes pre-reading skills, but also encourages other skills and behaviors that will help your child to succeed better in school from Kindergarten on up.

Here at the Pewaukee Public Library, we want to encourage families to make reading a regular habit through the 1,000 Books before Kindergarten program. This incentive program is for preschoolers of all ages, from newborn babies up until a child starts attending K-5. It is never too early to participate!

How does it work? Caregivers will record the books that they read with their children. For every 100 books read, children will receive warm congratulations and a sticker, with other prizes (including books!) being awarded at certain intervals.

1,000 books may seem like quite a lot, but this goal is much easier to reach than you think. If you read three books every day, this goal will be met in less than one year.

Help make reading a habit at your house by signing your preschooler up for the 1,000 Books before Kindergarten program today. Please visit the Children’s Desk to register and receive everything you need to get started.


Did you know that you can now use our 1,000 Books before Kindergarten app to make your record keeping even easier?  With this app you can just scan the UPC code on the books that you and your child read to automatically add it to your list.  The app is free to download for either iOS or Android.  Watch this video below to learn more, or visit us at the Children’s Desk to ask questions.