We appreciate everyone who volunteers their time and talents at the Pewaukee Public Library. Volunteer opportunities are periodically available and if you are interested in volunteering, please check this space for a description of the positions that are currently available and how to apply for them.

We are currently looking for

Shelf Elves
Help us keep our material shelves in good order by maintaining sections. Choose your area – Children’s, Young Adult, Adult Fiction, Adult Nonfiction.  Determine the time you want to spend on housekeeping tasks of dusting, positioning, and making sure books are in order and presentable. This position keeps you on your toes. You are required to move books to a cart and back to the shelves and to use a step stool as needed. Interested? Complete the Volunteer Application form, sign the waiver on the second page  of the Volunteer Policy and return them to the desk in the area of the library you’d like to maintain!